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Zero-sum Game in the "Marbles Game"

Several groups play odds and evens (holjjang) with their marbles. Both players grab a random number of marbles – holding it hidden in their hands – and present this to the other player. They take turns guessing if the number of marbles held by the other person is even or odd. Based on the guess – the ‘winner’ will acquire the other’s marbles they held hidden. The interaction between Ali (Player #199) and Sang-Woo (Player #218) is a good example of a 2-person zero-sum game with imperfect information. In this scene, Ali hid 3 marbles and Sang-Woo bet 2 marbles. Sang-Woo chose even. Ali won 2 marbles; Sang-Woo lost 2 marbles and the payoffs sums to zero.

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