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Crossing the Bridge in the "Glass Stepping Stone Bridge" Game

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Only 3 players of the 16 original players survive the game because they don't work as a team. Some players have more information than others but are not willing to cooperate at the start of the game. For example, Player #017, a seasoned glass worker, can determine through light refraction which panels are safe but waits until the 12 players ahead of him have been eliminated from the game before agreeing to help the others. Other players refuse to cooperate because they are risk-averse. For example, Player #101 refuses to move despite the clock ticking, daring others to pass him. Other players are motivated by vengeance and deliberately sabotage the game to punish other players. For example, Player #212 grabs Player #101 and, as revenge for betraying her in an earlier game, pulls him down with her to their death (concurrently eliminating one of the glass panels). When there are four players remaining, there is a brief moment of cooperation when Gi-hun (Player #456) hands down a marble to Player #017 who uses this to test the ‘sound’ of one of the glass panel combinations ahead. Without another ‘resource’ to compare the other panel against, and with time running out, Sang-Woo (Player #218) pushes Player #017 to his death, revealing the last trick panel. Only Gi-hun (Player #456), Sang-Woo (Player #218), and Sae-Byeok (Player #067) complete the game.

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