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Everyone's Desperate to Play

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Nearly everyone playing in these games have been selected because of enormous debts. After the first game, the players call a vote on whether to stop playing the games. In the middle of voting, one player reminds everyone why they have all been selected and that life outside isn’t better. Despite this, the majority of players vote to end the game. They are given the chance to come back later if the majority decide to come back. While on the outside, Player #001 and Player #456 meet and discuss how bad life is on the outside. At least inside the game, they have a chance at redemption. It turns out that almost everyone decides to come back. Without participating, the players don’t really have any way to pay off their debt. Some of them would return to a brutal life that may not be worth living. The players who return realize that playing the game is the dominant strategy.

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